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Industrial manufacturing operations produce vast amounts of unwanted waste and byproduct. Whether it's cast iron, aluminum, copper, steel, brass, zinc, bronze, titanium, magnesium, machining scraps, or other difficult and environmentally harmful waste such as the metal sludge from grinding operations you need efficient ways to turn your industrial waste into sustainable revenue.

To meet this challenge, CPM Di Più has developed a series of next-generation briquetting presses that help companies to maximize the usability of industrial waste. No one else builds briquetting machines that are reliably strong, efficient, high-performance, and capable of compacting large quantities of byproduct around the clock with no unexpected problems or unscheduled downtime.

A true product of the 21st century, CPM Di Più's briquetting presses combine the most sophisticated developments in the mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, electronics, and software industries into a single, high-value, robust offering.


Because of the high pressure generated in the METALBRIK compression chamber (about 2,000-2,500 kg/cm2), CPM Di Più's mechanical briquetting presses consistently produce high-quality, high-density briquettes. The superior ratio between hourly output per kilowatt hour and the low operating costs of the mechanical briquetting machines is what makes CPM Di Più the vastly superior option.

The METALBRIK series presses, besides drastically reducing the volume of the machining scraps, remove cutting fluids and create briquettes, the majority of which can be placed directly into smelting furnaces. The result is substantial economic benefits for companies that generate the swarf, companies that recycle metal scraps, as well as foundries that process them.


With advanced mechanical design, hydraulic controls capable of calibrating cycle performance, and advanced software, CPM Di Più's SLUDGEBRIK series briquetting presses produce solid, uniform, high-quality, metal pucks, while recovering almost all of the expensive coolant oil used in the grinding process. With barely a trace of the coolant oil remaining, the pucks can be easily handled and economically transported ready for recycling in a smelter.

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CPM Di Più's longevity in the process equipment, automation, and briquetting solutions industries brings more than a century of world-class engineering and innovation to the biomass and waste industries. Backed by a time-tested commitment to technology, CPM Di Più's combined equipment and aftermarket support services represent the lowest operating cost solution, and the best value in the industry today.

CPM and Di Più are helping their customers turn millions of tons of metal swarf into millions of dollars of new revenue streams not to mention saving the planet.

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