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CPM scale systems replace premix and hand-add measuring methods with the most accurate systems available. MicroScale, MinorScale, Computer Driven Hand-Add (CDHA), Loss-In-Weight MicroScale, Bulk Bag and Tote Scales are engineered to address a variety of batching processes for your most precise scaling system requirements.

Rollover hoppers are tub-shaped hoppers that discharge quickly and are extremely accurate. The hopper is enclosed by a shield, which reduces the air movement that can affect the scale and cause inaccurate weight readings.

Funnel hoppers have larger volumetric capacities but are slightly less accurate than the rollover style. This is the most popular hopper style, and is typically used in bakeries or feed mills where very large batches are desired.

Individual compartment hoppers allow for high-speed weighing, small-batch weighing, or ingredient segregation (to prevent cross-contamination) depending on the configuration.

The typical installation of a Loss-in-Weight Scale and MicroScale calls for daily usages of fewer than 500 pounds and cycle draws between .1 and 20 pounds. The difference between the Loss-in-Weight and the MicroScale is that the Loss-in-Weight bins provide continuous weighed inventory and multiple simultaneous draws.

Bulk Bag MinorScale allows for the use of bulk storage bags in place of ingredient bins. These bags are supported over the scale on removable rack frames. This method eliminates lifting of heavy 50- and 100-pound paper bags.

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