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Steam Chambers


Roskamp steam chambers are flexibly designed, and sized to fit your specific steam-flaking application. Our unique steam inlet design means uniform flow, and low-velocity, high-volume steam addition every single time. The vertical, inversely tapered design allows for grain expansion, and the smooth, obstruction-free interior allows for uniform conditioning. Available in a range of heights and diameters, we have the right steam chamber solution to meet your custom space requirements.


  • 12-gauge stainless steel construction, not painted
  • Stainless steel steam inlets to provide precise steam control
  • Multilevel steaming ports
  • All piping is external

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  • Roskamp Champion Steam Chamber
  • Standard Features:

    • Steam manifold
    • Tempered sight glass inspection windows
    • Cleanout doors for inspection and cleaning

    Optional Features:

    • 5-foot height extensions
    • Inlet steam hood
    • Digital temperature probes with LED readout

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